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Leicester Fencing Services

If you are looking for fencing services near me, in Leicester, we will gladly assist you! Our contractors are at your service to offer you both the aesthetic and security of a garden fence to ensure that your space is protected and preserve your privacy from neighbouring gardens. 

A good fence also offers added curbside value and enhances your property, which is why it is essential to choose the right type of fence that is best suited to your needs and aesthetic. 

Our company will offer you a plethora of different styles, looking at the kinds of most commonly used materials and which are the most durable and the most up and coming materials on the market, such as decorative fence panels, garden trellis designs, feather edge panels.

All our fencing contractors provide an excellent service at competitive prices.

Whilst you may have your heart set on a specific type, we want to ensure that you have all the facts before deciding. 

Our fencing contractors work to a timeframe that suits you to ensure minimal disruption to your life. Choose from light wooden fencing that offers a delicate balance of nature or a sturdy wrought iron fence; let our fence installers assist you with our expertise by calling us on 01162 168890 for a free no-obligation quote.

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We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients, so there are no limits to the size or price of your custom job!

Budget Friendly

We work to be able to provide materials at discounted rates and we're not the cheapest in terms of labour costs, but that's because our focus is on quality.

Always on time

When it comes to your satisfaction, we always go the extra mile. No matter how long a project takes us or what obstacles come in our way - you'll be hearing from us right away with an update on progress!


We understand that you want to be sure your project is done right. That's why our team works closely with local authorities and complies 100% each time!

Leicester Fencing SERVICES

Leicester Fencing Pros provides quality fencing services in Leicestershire, including Warwickshire and surrounding areas. We install picket fences, wooden fencing panels, metal fence posts and more.

We are on hand to take care of your fence repairs or removals. If you are having a new fence installed, we will gladly remove your old fence too. When they become damaged, you will find that they also look incredibly unsightly, which can decrease your home’s value.

We also offer to remove old fences, garden trellis or repair them for you if they become damaged. Our employees are skilled, experienced professionals who take pride in the quality of their work and always leave your home looking its best!


We are recognised in our industry for implementing quality techniques for all customers. Our choice of fencing is varied and of the highest quality.

We believe in impeccable quality and five-star service in all aspects. If you are looking for fencing services near me, who offer the best fence designs and installations, then you have come to the right place!

From fence installers to fence repairs, we work promptly, allowing you to enjoy your garden, add value to your home, and be armed with the information you need to continue maintaining a great looking fence.

Our team in Leicestershire are hands-on, and our fencing erectors are full of advice to help you choose the suitable material best suited to your budget. 

Call us for a consultation today, and we will be glad to assist and show you why so many customers before you have chosen our services as the leading fencing contractors in Leicester.

Bespoke Fencing

We offer a service in which we come to you and plan your fence according to your garden’s size, shape, and budget. It is a popular option with property developers that want fencing without all the fuss!


Our fencing panels are made from a variety of materials, including timber, aluminium and steel.


Fencing often goes hand in hand with decking, so it’s no surprise that we offer a bespoke range. We can design your patio or outdoor living space to suit you and the surrounding area – whether it be timber, composite or concrete slabs.

We recommend our customers use these materials as they are low maintenance and require very little attention over time compared to generally more expensive material such as natural stone, which requires regular cleaning if not sealed properly.

A fence is an essential piece of infrastructure for any property, but why stop at just one? With fencing from Leicester Fencing Pros, there is no limit!

From traditional-style posts with rails to elaborate garden trellis work explicitly designed for climbing plants, you can be sure that we have the fencing solution for you.

Garden Gates

If you are looking to get a new garden gate fitted, we can sort this out with the same care and attention as our fencing work. The gates we provide are bespoke, and we offer different styles to suit your needs.

Driveway Gates installations are also available in various styles, and we can also supply and install them.

We deliver quality bespoke fencing services at fantastic prices. If your old fence needs replacing, we will remove it from our trained professional staff, who take pride in their workmanship.

Give us a call today if you would like any more details about which style of fencing might suit your home best; we’re always happy to help!

Decorative Fencing Panels & Garden Trellis

Our team are experienced in installing fence panels, and we have a wide variety of different styles and colours. If you want something not on the shelf, then contact us!

We can install bespoke trellis to match your garden design. Every garden has its unique character, and we will find the trellis that is perfect for you.


Most frequent questions and answers

The average price of a fence is determined on specifics. Including the quality of material and how much you will need to complete the job. You will find that chain link fencing is on the cheaper end of the scale. Mesh fencing is the most affordable material also as it is lightweight. It is installed easily without the need for heavy foundations. Specific wood fencing can be inexpensive also, but this depends on the density and type of wood. If you are looking for another affordable kind of fence, you should consider vinyl fencing. Because it is less durable, it tends to be less expensive but will require more maintenance. 

Best answered by looking at the style of fence you want for your garden. In terms of durability and strength, wood and iron fencing will provide the most security. 

For added durability and sustainability, composite fencing can add a modern twist to a traditional fence. Composite fences are contemporary and are low maintenance, which adds to their charm. 

Some wooden fences may look impeccable, but they may need added care and maintenance and treatments over time, which can put costs up. However, a well-installed wooden fence should not need too much work.

Composite wood fence is an elegant, ecological fence that is well suited to any terrain. It is indeed economical and very durable, especially when it comes to high-end materials. The composite wood fence still requires a little maintenance to stay clean and prevent the appearance of moss. Whilst it is on the more expensive side, it can last up to twenty years and will be able to offer you a modern finish with great security benefits. 

The easiest type of fencing to install is a vinyl picket fence, often called the ‘vinyl chain link’ or ‘chain-link, because they do not need any tools for assembly, just simply hooking together the panels, and you can install it by yourself.