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Most frequent questions and answers

The average price of a fence is determined on specifics. Including the quality of material and how much you will need to complete the job. You will find that chain link fencing is on the cheaper end of the scale. Mesh fencing is the most affordable material also as it is lightweight. It is installed easily without the need for heavy foundations. Specific wood fencing can be inexpensive also, but this depends on the density and type of wood. If you are looking for another affordable kind of fence, you should consider vinyl fencing. Because it is less durable, it tends to be less expensive but will require more maintenance. 

Best answered by looking at the style of fence you want for your garden. In terms of durability and strength, wood and iron fencing will provide the most security. 

For added durability and sustainability, composite fencing can add a modern twist to a traditional fence. Composite fences are contemporary and are low maintenance, which adds to their charm. 

Some wooden fences may look impeccable, but they may need added care and maintenance and treatments over time, which can put costs up. However, a well-installed wooden fence should not need too much work.

Composite wood fence is an elegant, ecological fence that is well suited to any terrain. It is indeed economical and very durable, especially when it comes to high-end materials. The composite wood fence still requires a little maintenance to stay clean and prevent the appearance of moss. Whilst it is on the more expensive side, it can last up to twenty years and will be able to offer you a modern finish with great security benefits. 

The easiest type of fencing to install is a vinyl picket fence, often called the ‘vinyl chain link’ or ‘chain-link, because they do not need any tools for assembly, just simply hooking together the panels, and you can install it by yourself.