Bespoke Fencing

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Bespoke Fencing

You may not think of timber as a top quality fencing option, but it’s actually one that has been around for centuries and stands the test of time. Timber is naturally beautiful and durable–a well-built fence can resist Australia’s harsh weather conditions. In order to make sure your choice will last you long enough, be sure to invest in pressure-treated wood; this process makes them go even longer! At Fencing Rockhampton, we offer plenty of material alternatives when it comes to fences, but one choice that will never run out of style is timber fencing. Whether it is for flooring or fencing, timber is still a classic material choice for many property owners in Rockhampton. Due to its warm and natural appeal, many people are choosing it for their homes. For those living in a rural setting or who want to achieve a nature-inspired aesthetic, timber fencing can be a great choice for your surroundings because it can seamlessly blend into it. If you are still unsure about what fencing type to utilize to your property, but you require a durable, budget-friendly, and attractive choice, you can never go wrong with timber fencing. To give an insight as to what you can get out of timber fences, here are the benefits our dependable team can extend to you:

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Glass pool fences are the perfect solution for homeowners with active kids. They have minimal gaps, which means that children won’t be able to climb over them and endanger themselves on high ledges or other parts of your property. Glass also offers a clear view of what is happening outside without any obstructions – giving you peace of mind in addition to safety!

If you want a luxurious and classy accent to your pool, glass pool fencing can be your best choice. Many hotel and resort owners in Rockhampton are choosing this type of fencing because it is a facet that can instantly boost the appeal of their pool area.

At Fencing Rockhampton, we always take into consideration the size of the surroundings of your pool so that we can find various options on how we can maximize and increase its usability.

We can let you choose from numerous glass pool fencing design options so you can find the best one that will suit the aesthetic and functionality of your space. If you are all set on having a glass pool fence, discover some of the benefits that come with it:


Most frequent questions and answers

The average price of a fence is determined on specifics. Including the quality of material and how much you will need to complete the job. You will find that chain link fencing is on the cheaper end of the scale. Mesh fencing is the most affordable material also as it is lightweight. It is installed easily without the need for heavy foundations. Specific wood fencing can be inexpensive also, but this depends on the density and type of wood. If you are looking for another affordable kind of fence, you should consider vinyl fencing. Because it is less durable, it tends to be less expensive but will require more maintenance. 

Best answered by looking at the style of fence you want for your garden. In terms of durability and strength, wood and iron fencing will provide the most security. 

For added durability and sustainability, composite fencing can add a modern twist to a traditional fence. Composite fences are contemporary and are low maintenance, which adds to their charm. 

Some wooden fences may look impeccable, but they may need added care and maintenance and treatments over time, which can put costs up. However, a well-installed wooden fence should not need too much work.

Composite wood fence is an elegant, ecological fence that is well suited to any terrain. It is indeed economical and very durable, especially when it comes to high-end materials. The composite wood fence still requires a little maintenance to stay clean and prevent the appearance of moss. Whilst it is on the more expensive side, it can last up to twenty years and will be able to offer you a modern finish with great security benefits. 

The easiest type of fencing to install is a vinyl picket fence, often called the ‘vinyl chain link’ or ‘chain-link, because they do not need any tools for assembly, just simply hooking together the panels, and you can install it by yourself.